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Don started using a map program, DeLorme's Street Atlas, in the mid nineties to help plan his travel adventures. Before long he added GPS capabilities.  As he traveled he created many special points-of-interest locations that were meaningful to him. Before long he had accumulated a fairly large set of these locations. 

In 1999 Don retired and began RV'ing most of the time.  About the same time, his vision for RV Directions began to take shape.  Using his own personal traveling experiences and the resources of the Internet, Don started to expand his collection of RV'ing locations to include all of the features that he felt was important to the RV'er - especially the serious and full-timing RV'er. The result is the product, RV Directions.

We're sure that you will find that RV Directions will add great value to your RV'ing experience.

Our company was established in 2006 by Don Borson.  The product, RV Directions, captures the knowledge and experience that Don gained through many years of RV'ing.

His first experience in RV'ing was in 1968 in a pop-up trailer.  He later moved on to motor homes and now owns and drives a large diesel pusher.  He has spent time as a full-timer and has RV'ed in every state in the continental U.S.
About Our Company
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